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Other Services

There are a variety of other services which I can offer to you to help complete your project. These cover a few common situations that any potential publisher can find themselves in.

Please contact me for more information on these services.


PDF Checking and Correcting

If you've managed to create a PDF from Word (or any other application) and are having problems with it, I can check, adjust and correct virtually anything in it for you, such as:

• Unwanted headings
• Type corrections
• Change pictures
• Replace pictures
• Re-crop pictures
• Re-size pictures
• Document resizing
• Adding / removing pages
• Re-numbering pages
• Cropping pages

In short, there is virtually nothing that can't be changed in your PDF.


Manuscript Conversion

If you have a printed or handwritten manuscript that you need converted to a digital file, I can either re-key it or can scan the pages and convert to type using OCR software.

Please note that the manuscript must be clear, clean and free of background material to OCR scan successfully.

The pages can also be scanned as is, and saved as an image in a single PDF file.


Word to PDF Conversion

You may be in the situation where you have a Word document that you wish to print from and are having problems creating a suitable print ready PDF from it.

If you would prefer, I can create a PDF from the file for you and ensure that all the problems associated with Word-produced PDF's are fixed.

These commonly include:

• Fonts not being embedded
• Incorrect colour space
• Uneven page margins
• Unwanted running heads

I can open both PC and Macintosh Word files and save them as a print-ready PDF for you.



Obviously, you may have some pictures that you would like included in your project also.

I have an excellent Epson V500 scanner and can scan your images and documents (up to about A4 size) to use in your project.